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Duck Report

Duck Report

Of all the different areas we’ve experienced through the years it was the grain fields and marshes of the wet lowland plains that enabled us to approach consistency and predictability in a higher degree. The area feels «ducky» like no other one does. This is flatter country, where weather is cooler and more pleasant than that found in areas further north, with mile after mile of ponds, grain fields and marshes where 12 species of ducks thrive and migrate to year after year. This is big time pothole country which may very well remind North Americans of the Great Plains, where winters can be cold and landscape may be more familiar to what duck hunting areas are supposed to look like.

Through all these years the challenge has been «the search for consistency». For a duck hunting outfitter consistency (or the fear for the lack of it) is what probably best describes the main reason for most of his worries: how to keep himself from being «deceived by the ducks» -to put it in a gentle manner.

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