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Ideally located in the fertile Pampa region in the province of Buenos Aires, Santa Rita is home to an incredible duck population. Our hunts take place on the numerous potholes, lagoons, marshes and sloughs that surround the lodge.

Increased rainfall and agricultural production over the past 15 years in this region have created ideal waterfowl conditions by providing hundreds of marshes of varying sizes that serve as feeding and roosting areas, all of which is surrounded by grain fields.

The duck hunting areas at Estancia Santa Rita are conveniently located close to the lodge with drive times from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. Several blinds are within view of the house and require less than a 10-minute drive.

The Hunting

The areas around Estancia Santa Rita support a wide variety of duck species which allows for a specie rich hunt. Local species include the Southern Widgeon, Teal (Silver, Ringed, Speckled, Cinnamon and Brazilian), Yellow Billed and White Cheeked Pintail, Fulvous and White-Faced Whistling Duck and the country’s trophy duck, the Rosy Billed Pochard. Although weather, blind location, and water levels determine the makeup of a day’s take, many hunters’ bags may consist of 7-11 different species. Hunting blinds are always dry, have stools and provide sturdy footing from which to shoot. We utilize the best equipment to maximize your hunting experience and are constantly striving to improve our methods.

Also available at Santa Rita are perdiz shoots. This upland, Chukkar-like game bird, flushes in singles and pairs and provides a challenging target.

Conducted over Pointers and Brittany Spaniels in terrain similar to that of South Texas (minus the cacti), the perdiz complement the ducks by providing a more active, on-foot hunt.

DUCK FIELDS: morning and afternoon – from 10 minute to 50-minute drive from the lodge.
PERDIZ FIELDS: morning or afternoon – 10 to 50 minute drive from lodge.
PIGEON FIELDS: afternoon pigeon shoots are possible if scouting reports are good – drive time is 30 to 45 minutes from lodge.

Typically our daily schedule includes a wholesome breakfast at the lodge, followed by a morning shoot. After finishing your shoot around 10:00 AM (this varies), you will return to the ranch for lunch and a well-deserved siesta. Then out for more afternoon shooting until dark. Dinner finally caps off a perfect day.